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The Architecture of Memory

The Architecture of Memory

av Joelle Bahloul

Recalling how they lived in a single house that was occupied by several Jewish and Muslim families, in the generation before Algerian independence, Joelle Bahloul’s inform…

A History of Algeria

av James McDougall

An Empire of Facts

av George R. Trumbull IV
A History of Algeria

Covering a period of five hundred years, from the arrival of the Ottomans to the aftermath of the Arab uprisings, James McDougall presents an expansive new account of the modern…

An Empire of Facts

An Empire of Facts presents a fascinating account of the formation of French conceptions of Islam in France's largest and most important colony. During the period from 1870 to 1…

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  2. To the Mountains av Abdullah Anas
  3. The Architecture of Memory av Joelle Bahloul
  4. A Dying Colonialism av Frantz Fanon
  5. A Savage War Of Peace av Alistair Horne
  6. An Empire of Facts av George R. Trumbull IV
  7. Challenging de Gaulle av Alexandr Harrison