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Chariots of the Gods

av Erich von Daniken

Project Beta

av Greg Bishop
Chariots of the Gods

All over the world there are fantastic ruins and objects that cannot be explained by conventional history, archaeology or religion. In the ground-breaking Chariots of the Gods, …

Project Beta

The shocking true story of the United States government's quest to hide the reality of extraterrestrial contact, even at the cost of its citizens. In 1978, Paul Bennewitz, an el…

Alienology Cracks in the Great Wall UFOs in Wartime Alien Encyclopedia
Alienology Cracks in the Great Wall av Charles UptonUFOs in Wartime Alien Encyclopedia av Andrew Donkin

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  3. Behold a Pale Horse av Milton Cooper
  4. American Cosmic av D. W. Pasulka
  5. Convoluted Universe: Book One av Dolores Cannon
  6. Custodians av Dolores Cannon
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  8. Captured by Aliens? av Nigel Watson
  9. The Anunnaki Chronicles av Zecharia Sitchin
  10. Bloodline of the Gods av Nick Redfern