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The Homeric Hymns

Selected Dialogues

av Lucian
The Homeric Hymns

This is the first collection of scholarly essays on the Homeric Hymns, a corpus of 33 hexameter poems celebrating gods that were probably recited at religious festivals, among o…

Selected Dialogues

'you'll find another man to harvest, Glycerion: let this one go'The Greek satirist Lucian was a brilliantly entertaining writer who invented the comic dialogue as a vehicle for …

Jason and the Golden Fleece (The Argonautica) Demosthenis Orationes IV Homer's Odyssey The Odyssey
Jason and the Golden Fleece (The Argona... av Apollonius of RhodesDemosthenis Orationes IV Homer's Odyssey The Odyssey av Homer

The Odyssey The Odyssey The Iliad The Iliad
The Odyssey av HomerThe Odyssey av HomerThe Iliad av HomerThe Iliad av Homer
  1. The Odyssey av Homer
  2. The Iliad av Homer
  3. Milkman av Anna Burns
  4. Homeric Hymns av Homer
  5. Arjuna-Odysseus av N. J. Allen
  6. Selected Dialogues av Lucian
  7. 7
  8. The Iliad av Homer
  9. Theophrastus av Theophrastus
  10. 10