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Hinduism and Hindi Theater

av Diana Dimitrova

Mountains Painted With Turmeric

av Lila Bahadura Kshatri
Hinduism and Hindi Theater
1.087 kr

This book explores the representation of Hinduism through myth and discourse in urban Hindi theatre in the period 1880-1960. It discusses representative works of seven influenti…

Mountains Painted With Turmeric
368 kr

Since its publication in the late 1950s, Mountains Painted with Turmeric has struck a chord in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Nepali readers. Set in the hills of far eas…

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157 kr
In Stereotype
281 kr
Anandamath or The Sacred Brotherhood
470 kr
Singing to the Goddess
337 kr
Revenge av Taslima NasrinIn Stereotype av Mrinalini ChakravortyAnandamath or The Sacred Brotherhood av Bankim ChatterjiSinging to the Goddess av Rachel Fell McDermott
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  1. 787 kr
    Sayings of Gorakhnath av Gordan Djurdjevic
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  3. 71 kr
    Songs of Kabir av Kabir
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  4. 157 kr
    Revenge av Taslima Nasrin
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  5. 141 kr
    Harbart av Nabarun Bhattacharya
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