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European Intellectual Property Law

av Justine Pila

The Patentability of Software

av Anton Hughes
European Intellectual Property Law
576 kr

European Intellectual Property Law offers a full account of the main areas of substantive European IP law and a discussion of their wider context and effect.The amount and reach…

The Patentability of Software
1.540 kr

This book explores the question of whether software should be patented. It analyses the ways in which the courts of the US, the EU, and Australia have attempted to deal with the…

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Proceedings Before the European Patent Office
692 kr
Intellectual Property in the Life Sciences
1.515 kr
Praxishandbuch Know-how-Schutz
1.695 kr
Zielorientierte Methodiken zum Bestehen der Europäischen Eignungsprüfung (EEP)
1.049 kr
Proceedings Before the European Patent... av Marcus O. MullerIntellectual Property in the Life Scien... av Kevin EnglandPraxishandbuch Know-how-Schutz Zielorientierte Methodiken zum Bestehen... av Daniel Herrmann
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Plants, People and Practices
973 kr
Von der Idee zum Produkt fur Dummies
276 kr
General Information Concerning Patents [Patents and How to Get One
93 kr
What Can Be Patented?
526 kr
Plants, People and Practices av Jay SandersonVon der Idee zum Produkt fur Dummies av Alexander RappGeneral Information Concerning Patents... av Patent and Trademark OfficeWhat Can Be Patented? av Willoughby Kelvin W
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