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Tchet - Topologisk och besläktad algebra

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Manifolds, Sheaves, and Cohomology

av Torsten Wedhorn

C*-Algebras and Operator Theory

av Gerald J. Murphy
Manifolds, Sheaves, and Cohomology
665 kr

This book explains techniques that are essential in almost all branches of modern geometry such as algebraic geometry, complex geometry, or non-archimedian geometry. It uses the…

C*-Algebras and Operator Theory
632 kr

This book constitutes a first- or second-year graduate course in operator theory. It is a field that has great importance for other areas of mathematics and physics, such as alg…

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Quantum Theory for Mathematicians
781 kr
Handbook of Categorical Algebra: Volume 2, Categories and Structures
875 kr
Theory of Lie Groups
136 kr
Lie Algebras and Lie Groups
414 kr
Quantum Theory for Mathematicians av Brian C. HallHandbook of Categorical Algebra: Volume... av Francis BorceuxTheory of Lie Groups av Claude ChevalleyLie Algebras and Lie Groups av Jean-Pierre Serre
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Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics
1.574 kr
Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems
888 kr
Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry
988 kr
Vertex Algebras for Beginners
589 kr
Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistic... av Ola BratteliGeometric Control of Mechanical Systems av Francesco BulloIntroduction to Mechanics and Symmetry av Jerrold E. MarsdenVertex Algebras for Beginners
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  3. 661 kr
    Linear Algebraic Groups av Tonny A. Springer
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  5. 719 kr
    Sheaves in Geometry and Logic av Saunders MacLane
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  6. 632 kr
    C*-Algebras and Operator Theory av Gerald J. Murphy
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