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Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

av James Keeler


av Richard G. Brereton
Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

This text discusses the high-resolution NMR of liquid samples and concentrates exclusively on spin-half nuclei (mainly 1 H and 13 C). It is aimed at people who are familiar with…


A new, full-color, completely updated edition of the key practical guide to chemometricsThis new edition of this practical guide on chemometrics, emphasizes the principles and a…

Early Days of X-ray Crystallography Laser Chemistry Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis Analysteknik : instrument och metoder
Early Days of X-ray Crystallography av Andre AuthierLaser Chemistry av Helmut H. TelleForensic Radio Survey Techniques for Ce... av Joseph HoyAnalysteknik : instrument och metoder av Flemming Simonsen

Modern Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Electrochemical Methods Introduction to Environmental Analysis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Modern Supercritical Fluid Chromatograp... av Larry T. TaylorElectrochemical Methods av Allen J. BardIntroduction to Environmental Analysis av Roger N. ReeveNuclear Magnetic Resonance av Peter Hore
  1. Yeast av Chris White
  2. Quantitative Chemical Analysis av Daniel C. Harris
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  4. Thermodynamik Der Gemische av Andreas Pfennig
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  6. Quantitative Chemical Analysis av Daniel C. Harris
  7. Laboratory Statistics av Anders Kallner
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