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Organic Electronics

av Stephen R. Forrest

Quantum Optics

av Mark Fox
Organic Electronics

This textbook provides a basic understanding of the principles of the field of organic electronics, through to their applications in organic devices. Useful for both students an…

Quantum Optics

Most previous texts on quantum optics have been written primarily for the graduate student market at PhD level and above. Quantum optics: an introduction aims to introduce a wid…

Coherent X-Ray Optics Optics, Global Edition Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles Optical Properties of Solids
Coherent X-Ray Optics av David PaganinOptics, Global Edition av Eugene HechtAbsorption and Scattering of Light by S... av Craig F. BohrenOptical Properties of Solids av Mark Fox

Animal Eyes Modern Optics Simplified Light: A Very Short Introduction Machine Vision Algorithms and Applications
Animal Eyes av Michael F. LandModern Optics Simplified av B. D. GuentherLight: A Very Short Introduction av Ian A. WalmsleyMachine Vision Algorithms and Applicati... av Carsten Steger
  1. Optics, Global Edition av Eugene Hecht
  2. Organic Electronics av Stephen R. Forrest
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  5. Light Scattering by Small Particles av H. C. van de Hulst
  6. Atomic Physics av C.J. Foot
  7. Optics av Mike Freeman
  8. Light av Kimberly Arcand
  9. Quantum Measurement and Control av Howard M. Wiseman
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