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End Of Time

av Julian Barbour

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Time

End Of Time
116 kr

A brilliant theoretical physicist argues that the solution to the ultimate question in science: how to unify Einstein's theory of general relativity with quantum mechanics, is p…

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Time
388 kr

As the study of time has flourished in the physical and human sciences, the philosophy of time has come into its own as a lively and diverse area of academic research. Philosoph…

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What is Time?
143 kr
224 kr
113 kr
The Concept of Time
398 kr
What is Time? av G.J. WhitrowTimekeepers av Simon GarfieldTimekeepers av Simon GarfieldThe Concept of Time av Martin Heidegger
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Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Maps
253 kr
When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
312 kr
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
170 kr
Language and Time
912 kr
Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Maps av Peter GalisonWhen: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect... av Daniel H. PinkThe Mayan Calendar and the Transformati... av Carl Johan CallemanLanguage and Time av Vyvyan Evans
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  1. 136 kr
    Biocentrism av Robert Lanza
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  2. 169 kr
    What Time Is It? av John Berger
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  3. 224 kr
    The End of Certainty av I. Prigogine
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  4. 116 kr
    End Of Time av Julian Barbour
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  5. 184 kr
    The Order of Time av Carlo Rovelli
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  6. 263 kr
    Zero Degrees av Charles W. J. Withers
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  10. 160 kr
    Your Brain Is a Time Machine av Dean Buonomano
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