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Complete Japanese Joinery

av Yasuo Nakahara

The Art of Whittling

av Niklas Karlsson
Complete Japanese Joinery
263 kr

The Art of Whittling
184 kr

Whittling is more than just a way of busying idle hands - it is a pastime for those who love the texture of wood and a way of life for those who feel a special connection betwee…

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The Anatomy of Colour
297 kr
John Derian Picture Book
630 kr
How to Thrive in the Next Economy
97 kr
Research Methods for Product Design
217 kr
The Anatomy of Colour av Patrick BatyJohn Derian Picture Book av John DerianHow to Thrive in the Next Economy av John ThackaraResearch Methods for Product Design av Alex Milton
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On Flowers
302 kr
The Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals
494 kr
Ten Principles for Good Design: Dieter Rams
476 kr
Folding Techniques for Designers
220 kr
On Flowers av Amy MerrickThe Materials Sourcebook for Design Pro... av Rob ThompsonTen Principles for Good Design: Dieter... Folding Techniques for Designers av Paul Jackson
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  1. 217 kr
    Sketching av Roselien Steur
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  2. 200 kr
    The Design of Everyday Things av Donald A. Norman
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  3. 137 kr
    Design is Storytelling av Ellen Lupton
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  4. 97 kr Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 197 kr
    Modern Swedish Design av Lucy Creagh
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  10. 149 kr
    Sewing Clothes for Barbie av Annabel Benilan
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