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Contemporary Security Studies

International Organizations under Pressure

Contemporary Security Studies
448 kr

With in-depth coverage of a wide range of issues, from terrorism, inter-state conflict, and nuclear deterrence to environmental security, health, and organized crime, Contempora…

International Organizations under Pressure
826 kr

International organizations like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, or the European Union are a defining feature of contemporary world politics. In recent year…

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A Theory of Global Governance
1.099 kr
Legitimacy in Global Governance
763 kr
Authoritarian Regionalism in the World of International Organizations
826 kr
Rulemaking by the European Commission
926 kr
A Theory of Global Governance av Michael ZurnLegitimacy in Global Governance Authoritarian Regionalism in the World... av Anastassia V. ObydenkovaRulemaking by the European Commission
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International Organisations and Global Problems
359 kr
International Organization and Global Governance
507 kr
Transnational Actors in Global Governance
1.087 kr
The EU's Role in Global Governance
1.152 kr
International Organisations and Global... av Susan ParkInternational Organization and Global G... Transnational Actors in Global Governan... av Christer JonssonThe EU's Role in Global Governance
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    Peace in International Relations av Oliver P. Richmond
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  6. 229 kr
    Rules for the World av Michael Barnett
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  8. 158 kr
    Governing the World av Mark Mazower
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  10. 439 kr
    International Organizations av Margaret P. Karns
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