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Matematisk logik

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Mathematical Logic

av Ian Chiswell

How to Prove It

av Daniel J. Velleman
Mathematical Logic

Assuming no previous study in logic, this informal yet rigorous text covers the material of a standard undergraduate first course in mathematical logic, using natural deduction …

How to Prove It

Proofs play a central role in advanced mathematics and theoretical computer science, yet many students struggle the first time they take a course in which proofs play a signific…

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  1. Godel, Escher, Bach av Douglas R. Hofstadter
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  4. How to Solve It av G. Polya
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  6. Mathematical Logic av Ian Chiswell
  7. How to Prove It av Daniel J. Velleman
  8. 8
  9. Computability and Logic av George S. Boolos
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