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Handbook of Musical Identities

A Biography of Loneliness

av Fay Bound Alberti
Handbook of Musical Identities
1.401 kr

Music is a tremendously powerful channel through which people develop their personal and social identities. Music is used to communicate emotions, thoughts, political statements…

A Biography of Loneliness
231 kr

Despite 21st-century fears of an 'epidemic' of loneliness, its history has been sorely neglected. A Biography of Loneliness offers a radically new interpretation of loneliness a…

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100 hemskaste
162 kr
Transforming Legacy Organizations
339 kr
Surreptitious Software
677 kr
Cultural Strategy
299 kr
100 hemskaste av Helena DahlgrenTransforming Legacy Organizations av Kris OstergaardSurreptitious Software av Christian CollbergCultural Strategy av Douglas B. Holt
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Insight Selling
262 kr
Liverpool vs  Manchester
179 kr
Lokko : 1999-2009
55 kr
Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms
124 kr
Insight Selling av Mike SchultzLiverpool vs Manchester av Martin RöshammarLokko : 1999-2009 av Andres LokkoOxford Dictionary of English Idioms
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  1. 158 kr
    Talking to Strangers av Malcolm Gladwell
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  3. 177 kr
    All About Love av Bell Hooks
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  4. 196 kr
    The Culture of Narcissism av Christopher Lasch
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  5. 344 kr
    Doing Visual Analysis av David Machin
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  6. 272 kr
    How To Do Nothing av Jenny Odell
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  7. 102 kr
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas av Hunter S. Thompson
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  8. 55 kr
    Andres : 1989-1998 av Andres Lokko
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  9. 55 kr
    Lokko : 1999-2009 av Andres Lokko
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