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Matematisk logik

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Mathematical Logic

av Ian Chiswell

Logic as a Tool

av Valentin Goranko
Mathematical Logic
677 kr

Assuming no previous study in logic, this informal yet rigorous text covers the material of a standard undergraduate first course in mathematical logic, using natural deduction …

Logic as a Tool
801 kr

Written in a clear, precise and user-friendly style, Logic as a Tool: A Guide to Formal Logical Reasoning is intended for undergraduates in both mathematics and computer science…

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Abstraction and Infinity
284 kr
Cardinal Arithmetic
2.489 kr
A First Course in Logic
838 kr
A Study of Logics
2.165 kr
Abstraction and Infinity av Paolo MancosuCardinal Arithmetic av Saharon ShelahA First Course in Logic av Shawn HedmanA Study of Logics av John P. Cleave
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The Annotated Turing
248 kr
Logic: A Very Short Introduction
107 kr
Category Theory
544 kr
Theories, Sites, Toposes
1.058 kr
The Annotated Turing av Charles PetzoldLogic: A Very Short Introduction av Graham PriestCategory Theory av Steve AwodeyTheories, Sites, Toposes av Olivia Caramello
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  1. 192 kr
    Godel, Escher, Bach av Douglas R. Hofstadter
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  3. 508 kr
    Set Theory av Daniel W. Cunningham
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  5. 199 kr Lägg i kundvagn 5
  6. 140 kr
    What is the Name of This Book? av Raymond M. Smullyan
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  8. 573 kr
    Computational Complexity av Sanjeev Arora
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